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Do you have a great idea for a website or web application and need a ColdFusion developer who can implement it fast? ColdFusion is an excellent tool when it is used by the right programmer.
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You need experts, people who know know ColdFusion inside out. Here�s how to select the best ones for your project:
CHOOSE EXPERIENCED DEVELOPERS Developers with over 100 web application built with ColdFusion will know not only how to develpp your project, but they can also give great advice and suggest how the project could be structured
MAKE SURE THEY DON�T DO JUST DEVELOPMENT On the long run you will need more than just development. Choose programmers who can handle services like application migration and maintenance, flex and flash integration and more.
LOOK FOR A STRONG PORTFOLIO AND CASE STUDIES If past work is not published ask to see some of it. Case studies are also important as you can see what technologies they used, what problems they solved in the past and how they did it.
LOOK FOR TESTIMONIALS OR CLIENT LISTS A very good company that programs in ColdFusion will have ate least a few testimonials and a long client list.
You will need to communicate quite often with your developer, keep that in mind. Even if you want to outsource overseas, make sure they have at least one office in the US and that you can speak proper English with them. Make first contact to check that.
With the right team by your side your web application or website created in ColdFusion will look and work amazing. ColdFusion is able to handle massive surges of traffic and is cheaper and more secure than people think.
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With over 10 years of experience in Coldfusion development,Avinash is one of the most experienced, efficient and cost effective coldfusion developer. Avinash has developed custom applications for a variety of industries including health care, nursing and staffing, eCommerce, education, non profit organizations, restaurants, entertainment, office equipments and supplies, life style and others industries. Best applications developed by him are SocialExo & Vyakar.